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Mistress Charlyn
Bangkok - Bang Rak
074 157 33116

Mistress Charlyn

Female Escort

OMG! Im back!!! pervert time!!! horny!!!

074 157 33116 please mention BirchPlace when calling

Bangkok - Bang Rak

Thailand - TH
Available: Anytime
  • Quickie
    5 EUR
  • 30 Minutes
    10 EUR
  • 1 Hour
    30 EUR
  • 2 Hours
    50 EUR
  • Overnight
    100 EUR
  • 1 Hour
    60 EUR
  • 1.5 Hours
    70 EUR
  • 2 Hours
    80 EUR
  • Dinner
    100 EUR
  • Overnight
    200 EUR

About Mistress Charlyn

My name is Mistress Charlyn
I am a lifestyle pro domme, financial, sissy, nanny, dominatrix residing in southeast asia of Bangkok,Thailand. In my profession I have been a practicing pro in the Asian bdsm scene for 10 years. I am also a fetish model and I am a domme of exquisite taste, fashion and lifestyle. The diva that you will only desire, the image you won't be able to forget, the voice that will only hear and the woman you will beg to be enslaved. I am the Goddess who will make you into My sissy that will only want to be lovely, sexy, and slutty as I desire. Used as I wish, degraded, humiliated, molded, crushed under My boot and sucking the heel as I command. I am a nanny who is the strictest kind who will show you how it feels to be one of My nappied bitches as you sit in your diaper and beg for My attention, and I am the dominatrix who is the cruel Mistress that will take you into My world of pain, seduction, enslavement, and pleasure. you have come before Me for one reason because you are dying to be enslaved. No matter if it is online or realtime. No matter if it is once a week, once a month, once a session, or every day of your life you want to be enslaved.

If you wish real time then when it is happening you don??t want catered to your desire, you want to feel your life break and be under My boot. You want to kneel before Me and give Me all the respect and adoration as I deserve and through your obedience you will feel that desire you want to surface as I say. If you wish to serve Me in online you desire to feel that control over you that regardless of when I message, what I command, and what I desire, you only want Me pleased. There is only one way with Me?My way; the way that I shall decide in all things. If you wish to serve Me as one of My bitches know that in my lifestyle I expect the best, I expect to be treated to the fullest of what I deserve. I want bitches who are ready to do what they must to please Me to give Me all I desire and to do all I say. I am a domme who knows what She wants and knows what She is. I want servants who know complete honor it is to be Mine. I am only looking for bitches who know honor of this and either desire realtime/online session or ownership. There is no other way but Mine. No other path to walk but the one I say. You drop when I snap, when I point, when I command, that is your role that is your purpose. To be one of Mine you must show Me then and only then will I accept you.

In the end when you follow My rules, My way, the path I walk that I desire you will gain so much more. A true bitch knows what I want and I want to control you, to be served, to be spoiled as I deserve, and to be pleased in every way. you desire this truly deep inside it is burning through your body so deeply and bleeding through your soul. It never shuts off, it never stops, no matter who you are, or what you are doing it is what you feel. But to be more, you must show Me!!! you must obey, and you must walk only the path I place before you. If you want to be Mine, no matter if I see you in person or only online, you must show Me why I should accept you. Value Me, respect Me, and do not expect anything what you want. See what I am and what I want. Once you follow My path and do as I say, you will gain what you desire truly inside. You will feel purpose that you have wished, like you have dreamed of. Your cage will be broken, you will have that release. the true release that will make you feel that worth and that submission like you have always wanted. If this is what you desire kneel before Me and show Me why I should accept you, and if you gain this honor then know the honor it is. I am the Goddess, the Mistress, and the Empress of your existence. Please Me always, know the honor it is, know it everyday, feel it every moment and if you do and you obey, and sacrifice, and follow the path that I walk? you will gain so much more than you ever thought possible??.... and you will be.................... MINE ;)

Supreme Ruler,
Mistress Charlyn

I am a very busy woman and I travel abroad at times to get away from the hectic life I live. Outside of being a lifestyle domme working with birchplace and fetish modelling I am a pro dominatrix that has practiced for over 10 years in the bdsm scene. I practice session online and realtime and I expect to be treated and compensated accordingly as always. Session in both online and realtime must be scheduled ahead of time. I am a busy woman as I have said I do not have time for hardly anything and I meet with slaves continuously so I do not wish to put aside attention for a slave only for it to be wasted. In My pro lifestyle this is purely about the business and most I meet know that when I am doing a session everything has already been discussed beforehand and terms laid out have been agreed. If you wish a session with Me contact Me and we will discuss things further on time, arrangement, and what you are interested in. I also am doing film/photoshoot sessions and if interested we can discuss the terms of this as well. bye bitches ;)

074 157 33116 please mention BirchPlace when calling
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