BirchPlace Help
updated 1st December, 2010

Here are answers to common questions.

If you don't see the question/answer you are looking for, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of your profile page to let us know.

Logging-in and profile passwords

I cant log-in to my profile
You can get a password reminder sent to the email address that you registered when you set up your profile.

Click on the "forgot password" link just under the log in box on the homepage.

Please be aware that the free profiles and chat require you to set up a free profile; with a username and password in order to log-in.

Full access to our famous films, personal ads (NookieLookie) and galleries (SmutBoxes) are paid members areas requiring a paid membership. When you apply for a paid membership, you will be sent an email confirming your upgrade to Silver or Gold membership status.

I'm not getting a 'forgot password' reminder
You could be entering and incorrect username or email address. Please be sure you enter the email address that you have registered on your profile. Please also be sure to check your junk-mail folder and that your email account is not "full". If you still have problems, contact us using the Support form.

This indicates that the profile is registered to a known and verified person who matches the profile.


I cannot upload photos to my profile
You can have up to 16 photos on your proifle. (more on verified profiles) It could be that the photo you are trying to upload is too big. Images can be up to 150kb in size. If you cannot resize your photo, you can send it to you must state in your email to them, your profile name and that you wish for your photo(s) to be resized for your free profile.

I cannot delete pictures from my profile
Please click on the "my photos" button, you will see your photos displayed. Under each photo there is a small box; click the box under the photo that you wish to delete to make a tick appear in it, then click on the [delete photos] button.


Profiles show a colorful ratings stars. This can be switched off, by selecting [x] Hide the Ratings panel? in Edit Profile's Profile Options section.

The Ratings bar simply indicates a quality profile, so you can quickly see how popular a profile is on the network.

To rate a profile, simply select a star - from left (poor) to right (best quality). The power of your vote depends on the quality of your profile.

Mailbox (mail messages)

I cannot delete my sent mail
As a security measure to prevent abuse, sent mail newer than 14 days cannot be deleted. This is so that we can investigate reports of serious abuse or spamming if needed. To delete mail older than 14 days old, click on [edit profile], then scroll down to the bottom of the page and tick the check box next to the "Automatically delete your SENT mail older than 14 days old?" option, be sure to click on [save profile] to save your changes.

Deleting your profile

I want to delete my profile
In order to delete your profile permanently, log into your profile, click on the edit profile button, then scroll down the page and click on the link that says "delete my profile permanently"

If you are unable to log into your profile in order to delete it, please email us from the email address you have registered on your profile giving your username and password and we can delete your profile for you.

I deleted my profile - now I want to reinstate it
Once you have asked for your profile to be deleted we cannot retrieve it. Delete means delete - we don't keep your details 'backed-up' for your own privacy.

Chat Room: checking your Firewall settings

The BirchPlace Chat Room requires access to port 8080 to function. On most computers, this access will be automatic, but if you cannot access the chat room, try the remedy below to open port 8080.

Step 1 - In Windows, go to Control Panel and choose Windows Firewall.

Step 2 - Select the Exceptions tab and choose the Add Port... button.

Step 3 - Add the port number 8080 and type TCP (the Name is a description only, and can be written as anything) and press OK.

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